Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weight Training Programme - a three month review

I published my exercise-weights spreadsheet back in September.

Time for a review (click on image to make bigger).

So here are the differences.
  1. Alex mentioned that the side bends exercise is deprecated due to risks (with poor form) to the vertebral bones. Recommendation is to spend more time on Plank and Side-Plank.

  2. The skullcrusher has been added (great name!) to work on the triceps.

  3. Abs crunches/sit-ups are deprecated. I've therefore replaced them with the 'bicycle crunch' (floor exercise).

My general philosophy on weights has been to dial-back on excessive loads. Use the weight which permits good form over 12-15 reps and develop from there. This IS orthodoxy!

Now if I can just figure out the difference between the Dumbbell Squat and Deadlift.

Easy to see how this works with dumbbells.

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