Monday, December 19, 2016

They are already among us

#FakeNews   #ButNotThatFake

They could be babies, those little homunculi, pushed around in kiddie-karts by Google staff. You can't see the high-bandwidth comms, the data links ferrying every perception and mewling cry to DeepMind's server farms.

The situated cognition people were right.

To be human-smart is to participate wholly in human society.

Reading millions of files off the Internet just doesn't hack it for artificial general intelligence.

HUM∀NS's 'synths' and Westworld's 'hosts' were the way to go.

Google is betting that body research will track mental development. When they need their baby-synths to toddle around, the batteries and artificial muscles will be there.

Adolescence is going to be the tricky one.

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