Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Revolutionary Christmas Cards

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In this year of insurrectionary turbulence I determined to eschew the traditional Christmas card.

"No!" to Father Christmas, reindeer, snow, holly and angels!

But what's the alternative? If our future is right-wing oligarchic authoritarianism, you won't find me sending out Trump-, Le Pen- or UKIP-themed Christmas greetings.

Better to return to the soft-headed but so-romantic leftism of my youth.

It turns out that left-wing Christmas cards are hard to find. There's nothing useful on Amazon, and Google isn't much better. I draw the line at those incompetent authoritarians Stalin and Mao, and have little time for the Fidelistas.

I looked, but the Fourth International (which increasingly espouses only trendy identity politics) isn't doing cards this (or any) year.

Help finally from The Radical Tea Towel Company ("You wash, I'll try ... to change the world!").

A Mixed Pack

I ordered the mixed pack.


Update: they arrived.

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