Friday, December 23, 2016

On learning a new IDE

Clare and Alex have gone for a walk to Wookey Hole - a little climb over the Mendip foothills - before we are lashed by a forecast gust front in a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, I am staring at the LispWorks Integrated Development Environment, with its tool tab of unfamiliar icons, its nine different browsers and three 100+ page manuals describing how to use them.

I can just about type a function into the Editor pane, save it, and then download it into the Listener pane for execution. Everything else is a complete mystery.

Is it any wonder that I just went to make myself a cup of coffee .. and that I am now typing this?


Update (the following day, Christmas Eve): It wasn't so bad. The manual basically just walks you through the on-screen menus. I only need the Editor and the Listener at this stage. The Stepper is very clear, and looks to be useful.

I'm ready to go.

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