Thursday, December 29, 2016

Future Archaeology

"Exciting Finds Pose New Puzzles"

Staff Reporter

December 29th 4016

It's well-known that the "spasm wars" of the early twenty first century succeeded in 'bombing mankind back to the stone-age', to use a quote popular at the time. As a consequence, records of even earlier times are now almost completely lost.

Recently however, archaeologists from the Institute for Deep Time unearthed a staggering artefact from the city once known as Wells in England's south-west. After much technical effort it has shed new light on the mediaeval period in that country, as well as posing new questions.

The hoard consisted of a number of primitive disks which encoded multimedia reconstructions of the early middle-ages. The language, customs and apparel appear authentic, although the inhabitants of that early era had confused ideas about their own geography.

The trove covers a span of several years, vividly documenting a catastrophic collapse of the state followed by civil war and external invasion.

One major question has puzzled researchers. Towards the end of the record there are indications of order finally being restored and that a new age of peace and prosperity may be around the corner.

But one question remains unresolved: did Daenerys Targaryen ever reclaim the Iron Throne?

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