Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Boy named Max has row with sister, mother and her boyfriend. Boys runs away and sails to an island populated by "Wild Things". Unaccountably a wide-scale police search fails to materialise. The Wild Things seem to be Jungian projections of the boy's mind. All his schemes to achieve harmony in the land of the Wild Things fail and he returns home where he falls upon dinner as his mother stares dreamily into his eyes.

This afternoon I have been thinking about exactly what would happen if a relativistic projectile impacted on the earth (this is the plot of "The Killing Star"). For example, how deep would it go? In its favour, "Where the Wild Things Are" barely impacted on my reverie so I guess phrases such as "interminable" and "tedious beyond belief" might suitably describe my view of this film.

Why on earth did we go? Nothing else on, guv.

Clare thought it might scare the very youngest children. My own fear is that they might grow so bored that they would run around the cinema leaping over seats and throwing popcorn at all and sundry.

I'm sure there's a plot idea in there somewhere ...

PS: Max seems to be suffering from ADHD. Could I suggest Ritalin?