Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moving date minus 2 days

I hear the cries of you out there who don't care about physics. "Write about something more interesting," you call. I feel your pain - well, sort of.

It's now two days before we move from Andover to our temporary home in Reading and we have been panicking about various things. First it was the non-arrival of "the boxes" from Pickfords: no pack no move. However, I received a phone call this morning asking how many boxes we needed. Since the caller didn't specify how big the boxes were, I let Clare handle it (she said: "lots please").

Meanwhile the home-buyer's survey on our prospective property in Wells is going ahead tomorrow. I have just succeeded in paying for it over the phone so it may even arrive in our Reading mailbox by the weekend. If it's OK we're very close to exchanging contracts there.

So we continue to live in a half-dismantled house ... we burned the last of our coal yesterday. As we descend further into refugee status I will try to remember to take some pix of our sorry state.

Interruption: the door bell just rang and as I type this the guy is bringing the boxes in: result!

Oh, did I mention I've just completed the second chapter of "A First Course in String Theory"? I now know about Orbifolds ...