Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Eden Project

Today was the final day of our short Devon break and we visited the Eden Project with my brother Adrian and his sons Matt and Simon. It rained with that relentless drizzle which soaked our heads and dampened all our clothes as we made our way from the car park to the start of the experience. You start high with a good view of the site (pictured)

The rainforest and mediterranean biomes

Clare took this shot of the male members of our party in the rainforest biome.

L-to-R: Nigel, Simon, Matt, Adrian

And here's my mother posing in front of the waterfall.

Beryl Seel: the rainforest biome

I have no idea what the plant below is, but it seemed to represent my idea of something exotic under the blue perspex panels. A little desert world utterly segregated from the misty gloom outside.

A mediterranean/desert shrub

Below a much photographed set of sculptures of some kind of imagined classical Greek ritual.

Ancient Greek rites

We briefly met up with Adrian's wife Anne at the end of the day before the hour's drive back to the Plantation House Hotel.

We have eaten so much this holiday that we are collectively barely able to move. We're like we've ate the famous anaconda which had swallowed a pig. A serious family fast is in order the first day we're properly back in Reading (Thursday).