Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things we did today

Seven days time and we are out of here!

In preparation for our move to Alex's flat in Reading, we drove across there this morning with an initial load of clothes, plants and the flat-screen TV: all items which won't be going into store.

The solicitor called to confirm that our worry about nearby 'extension' building work to our prospective house purchase in Wells, Somerset was not in fact an issue. On the strength of that we authorised a 'buyer's survey' which should be completed before Christmas.

Our thoughts then turned to what is to be done in the event that our purchase in Wells proceeds to a satisfactory conclusion, sometime in January I would guess. The property needs some work and after the completion date Clare and Alex will zoom down to Wells and start by removing wallpaper followed by painting and putting up shelving. Further work is also planned - here's Clare's to-do list.

Tomorrow we'll visit the solicitors to formally sign the Title Deed transfer on our current property which completes the formalities on our sale.

Our house is already looking a little odd with the absent TV leaving a vacant space and stuff piling up in the spare rooms awaiting the arrival of the Pickfords removals boxes.

The cat is wandering around looking quite spooked.