Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ode to Joy

There is a special character to Europhilia. The hushed, reverential tone of voice, those shining eyes. You see it with the apostles of Globalism: Tony Blair, Nick Clegg .. and Emmanuel Macron.

If only I had the literary technique to characterise such foolishness. I bow instead to the superior writing skills of  Phil Burton-Cartledge.
"The problem is for these folks, remainiacs if you will, the European Union is more than a trading bloc with an opaque bureaucracy. It's their Soviet Union, their City on the Hill, their Jerusalem.

"In their minds, the EU condenses Enlightenment values and liberal internationalism. It's an achievement standing above the nationalisms and tribalisms of old, that proves we can all get along on the basis of common humanity.

"And they have the nerve to look down their noses at Leave voters and call them deluded. It's stop-the-world-we-want-to-get-off, liberal-style. "
I rather wish I'd said that.

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