Saturday, April 15, 2017

The smart move

It's a bit obvious, the three-pronged attack, don't you think?
  • Decapitation-strike takes out the North Korean leadership
  • Bunker-busters take out the nukes
  • Jamming and carpet-bombing north of the DMZ  nullifies the NK artillery.
None of this is 100% so the collateral damage (not least to South Korea) is going to be intense. And then - what next?

I see a much better strategy. The Americans keep the pot boiling - making the status quo untenable. The Chinese .. well. let's say Kim Jong-un and his closest supporters have a little accident. Perhaps a bad case of 'flu' or some unfortunate transportation malfunction.

A new leadership emerges, one positively aligned with China, committed to economic reforms the People's Republic way - and prepared to forego nukes.

Looks win-win to me.

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