Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weston super Mare

Clare made a picnic using M&S's finest party collection and collecting my mother en-route, we drove down to Weston-super-Mare and laid out the goodies (pictured).

Beryl and Clare with the picnic

The beach was not especially crowded for the middle of August...

The beach at Weston super Mare looking north

... and soon the call of the sea was too much and Clare and Beryl, mutually supporting each other against the shifting sands and rolling surf, ventured down the beach and into the sea.

Back from the sea

The two videos below, which can surely be of interest only to close relations, show the intrepid explorers counted out and then counted back.

The paddlers venture forth

The paddlers return

After ice-creams, in the best tradition of seaside afternoons, we made our way home.