Monday, August 31, 2009

Relocation ...

Roy Simpson comments:

Relocation to another house seems so 20th Century. Some more inovative ideas (which would also help with the SF stories) would be:

(a) Relocate to space. The ISS or a future Moon or Mars base should be considered (travel Virgin Galactic).

(b) Relocate to Cyberspace. Second Life University would be a good place to start.

(c) Relocate to another Universe in the Multiverse. Might require some good quantum black hole engineering, but probably achievable.

(d) Relocate to another 3-Brane in the M-theory framework. This might only involve moving only a few millimeters from your current location, if you can find the curled up dimension involved and can squeeze along it.

So plenty of opportunities available....


I could add:

(e) Missing option. Take large quantities of psychotropic drugs. How will you ever know you didn't move?