Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OU stuff

An email from the OU admissions people yesterday. What were the two credit exemptions they had awarded me for my first degree back in 1984?

So this goes back to events almost 40 years ago, when I did Maths, Physics and Engineering in my first year at Warwick University (1969-70).

My recollection was that the Warwick course was almost entirely useless. Large parts reprised work I had done in the sixth form at Bristol Grammar. Lectures were given by staff who resolutely faced the blackboard, inaudible to the 300+ students who had got out of bed at the (student) crack-of-dawn for a 9 a.m. start (the arts lectures were in the afternoon).

Seminars and tutorials were taken by graduate students who frankly didn't seem to know much.

I read in the Sunday papers exactly these criticisms expressed by students today, as if it wasn't always so.

Anyway, I was told in an email today that I should hear whether I have been admitted to the maths MSc programme by September 14th.