Friday, August 07, 2009

Done today

09.30-14.30. The SMXR358 summer school TMA completed at 15 pages and posted off to the OU. That's the last thing I had to do for summer school so done and dusted. What a relief!

15.30. Jogged about two and a half kilometres. Still easing up to fitness but measurable improvement over a few weeks ago. And it was hot out there, and I wasn't rained on.

16.00 - 17.30. Pushed our underpowered battery mower round the garden, despite the wetness of the grass and the density of the clover. We decided against buying a mains-powered flymo as we're trying to properly depreciate the current machine. Thank God we're not lawn-proud!

18.45. Read in The Economist that we're going to have massive power outages in the UK in a few years time, on account of decommissioning of coal and nuclear stations and no replacements.

19.00. Memo to self: our next house must be super-insulated, use stuff like heatpumps and solar energy and generally keep energy consumption and the bills right down.