Friday, March 10, 2017

Nostalgia: mid-December 2001 in Vienna, Virginia

It's December 15th 2001 in our house at Wolftrap Road, Vienna, VA 22182, USA. It's our first US Christmas (Happy Holidays!) and we're determined to do the right thing.

We had popped off to Walmart to buy seasonal reindeer. Taking a cue from IKEA, a Walmart reindeer comes in a rectangular box. Who better to handle 3D reassembly than Clare?

This is meant to be a reindeer?

Assembled, plugged-in and working. Take a bow!

"You do have permission to pop out and hunt the squirrels."

To be fair, this picture of our puzzled cats was taken a month earlier, in mid-November .. before the deep snow which would totally baffle them. We naturally let our cats roam free to the amazement of our American neighbours, who firmly believed that 'kitties' were house-animals.


This is the third time these pictures have aired here, in case they seem over-familiar.

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