Monday, March 27, 2017

Diary: garden maintenance

I noticed over the last week that I was completely out of energy for weight training.

I'd spin the bike for eight minutes throwing in some twenty-second high-intensity surges, do a few press-ups, stare at the dumbbells .. then go off and get showered: no energy.

Clare finally figured it out: no carbs. And I used to know this!


In the past I was very aware that if I'd had a carb-rich meal the previous evening I was good at the gym next day. But recently, experimenting with a protein and fat-centric diet, I've been avoiding cereals and carbs except for fruit (which is just water, right?).

Saturday evening I relaxed the regime; Sunday morning I did a half hour of solid iron-lifting, book-ended with bike HIT. And today I reaped the benefits.

Invited to take the saw to the dense tree at the bottom of the garden, I was all over it.

Sadly, a major trip to the municipal dump will now have to be scheduled.

While I'm writing this, Clare is out there with the loppers, stripping branches and getting the debris in shape for the car ... .

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