Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How language irritates!

Yesterday the BBC News carried long minutes of programming devoted to the life of Martin McGuinness: warrior/terrorist turned statesman/peacemaker in the official narrative.

And there were repeated references to 'Londonderry'.

Yes, Derry is called 'Londonderry' whenever the BBC wants to line up behind the Unionists; it used to be a signifier for a nationalist atrocity. Conversely, whenever the Protestants did something awful to the Catholics, we'd hear about 'Derry'.

I was shouting at the TV: "It's Derry!".


There was a moment when the media got confused about the US/UK laptop/tablet hand-baggage ban on flights from the Middle-East. The BBC Newsreader put on her best pinched moue and spoke of the ban on flights from 'six mainly-muslim' countries.

This recent stock-phrase, 'mainly-muslim', is virtue-signalling for "You are a right-wing Islamophobe and we are better than you'.

Then they discovered that the bans were not Trump-fascism but a sensible and graduated intelligence-led assessment based on well-founded threats from ISIS ('so-called Islamic State'). Suddenly, 'mainly-muslim' was dropped and it became: 'flights from six Middle-Eastern countries'.

And I was able to stop shouting at the TV.

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