Monday, March 20, 2017

AI code in Lisp: new resource here

New resource on the sidebar to your right. This should please readers wondering why vast screeds of Lisp code randomly appear here, interrupting more erudite essays on this & that.

Except as I write this, 134 of you have visited: Description: Theorem Prover in Lisp.

Here's what the READ ME at the new sidebar says.


These Common Lisp files contain AI programs which are organised around the theme of building a chatbot.

They will all run independently and were developed in LispWorks free Personal Edition.

You can use the code as you like. It's not supported and there will certainly be bugs I haven't spotted.

I think of the code as a toolkit, there to be modified.


To come:

1. Upgrades to the resolution theorem-prover improving the display of proofs + any bug fixes.

2. An AI planner, oriented both towards a toy, virtual, physical world and speech acts for conversation planning.

3. A design for 'internal emotional states' to create some 'point' for the chatbot's autonomous behaviour; we need something more interesting than a natural language interface to Wikipedia-style queries.

Plus integration of all the above.

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