Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Congratulations Adrian on passing your Level-3 Snowboarding exam yesterday at Sun Peaks, Canada!

Here's Clare discussing the good news this afternoon with him. Adrian is due back here from Canada some time next week.

We had the electrician in today to replace our tentacled mess of nested power bars with proper office-like sockets (below). They did some other work too including installing the lighting set above in the upstairs and downstairs halls.

We seem to be overrun by laptops according to the picture above. On the left is my new ASUS Netbook, bought for client presentations and on-site working to replace the Advent Notebook on the right whose fan died some months ago.

I generally budget one day to configure a new machine.

1. Power up, configure Windows 7 and remove the pre-installed clutter.
2. Install AVG free, Skype, TruCrypt and DropBox.
3. Install MS Office 2007, MS FrontPage, Maple 13.
4. Copy all my data files across (around 50 GB).
5. Manage interminable downloads and restarts from MS Update.

All done without a hitch although I have a residual issue with downloading a free email client and configuring it to connect with Pro4's IMAP mail server. The above has taken two calendar days so far ...

Oh, and this post done from the new Netbook.