Saturday, April 02, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I was drafted by my sister, Elaine, into helping redecorate my mother's front bedroom today.

Normally I never do interior decoration: my job is to hunt woolly mammoths while Clare sorts out things like painting and decorating. Still, one has to rise to these challenges.

I discovered that painting walls and ceilings is paintbrush stuff around the edges and rollering in the middle. If, like me, you basically want to chuck as much paint as possible onto the wall in the shortest possible time, you absolutely soak the roller in paint. Then, as it spins, it throws off a fine pink mist which covers your arm. There, isn't that interesting? Don't you think that the result (above) is actually rather purple?

After more than a year, building work on our house in Wells is coming to an end. Except, that is, for the area outside the back door (pictured above) which was the interior of a 'utility lean-to' for the previous owner. It desperately needs resurfacing and proper drainage, a project for the warmer weather.

This note of odds-and-ends would not be complete without an update on the Amaryllis, which has beautifully flowered while not failing to exhibit a darker, more suggestive side.