Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mud at Severn Beach

Today Adrian and myself visited my mother in Bristol and after lunch at the Almondsbury Garden Centre we took advantage of the summery afternoon to drive to Severn Beach. Years ago, Adrian and Alex as toddlers were rescued from the deep estuary mud by a man in waders. They were washed in the sink of the public toilets and wrapped in bin bags to be taken to my parents' home for a proper bath.

Since those halcyon days they have built an enormous bridge (the M4 second Severn crossing) which now dominates the seafront view pictured below ... but the mud is still there.

Adrian and his Grandmother at Severn Beach

The M4 second Severn crossing

There have been better times

When I was little myself we used to come to Severn Beach in the summer: there was a little funfair at the end of the front. Now look at it! So insignificant that it hasn't even been vandalised!

Adrian simulating an asteroid impact at Severn Beach

So here we see the true nature of the mud as Adrian continues his youthful interest in throwing stones into the mud to see what will happen.

Yesterday I had to travel to London for a late morning meeting with a client. A long day as the train developed a fault coming back and we sat around for forty minutes divided equally between Pewsey and Westbury, Wilts. I only mention this everyday irritant as an indicator that the trains are just not reliable.