Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Up to London

A lunchtime meeting with a client today in central London; it's quite a trek from Wells.

Half an hour's drive to Castle Cary station (parking-ticket credit-card machine on the blink; ticket office and toilets locked due to 'staff-shortages').

One and three quarter hours train ride to Paddington. I was pleased to see the toilets were clean and that the seats all have three-pin sockets for laptop power.

Half an hour on the Circle Line to my destination. The scruffiness of the rolling stock is a disgrace.

The meeting was an hour and a quarter and seemed to go well.

Then the travelling in reverse.

Travel: Work = 4.4: 1 - ignoring hanging-around time at the various stations.

I tried to access the Internet on the way back from my PC, via the Vodafone GPRS/3G dongle. It only found GPRS connections and kept dropping those with no automatic re-connect. Hopefully this is due to ancient software but it did make Internet connection unusable.