Friday, March 25, 2011

Back from our Cornwall Holiday

We returned home to Wells this morning after what felt like an early summer holiday in Fowey, Cornwall. Global warming? Bring it on!

Clare in the kitchen

This is the kitchen area of our apartment, where Clare feels particularly at home.

Mr and Mrs Gull

This photo reminded me of our broken sleep most mornings. The roof of the balcony was just outside our bedroom window, a spot for the gulls to engage in their amorous activities. The male bird has a high-pitched screeching sound while the female makes a lower, throatier response. Translating loosely from gullese, their 6 a.m. conversation went something like this.

Mr Gull: "YES?"
Mrs Gull: "maybe?"
Mr Gull: "YES!"
Mrs Gull: "er, maybe ..."
Both: "YES!" "oh yes!" "YES!" "oh yes!" "YES!" "oh yes!" "YES!" "oh yes!" ..

They kept this up interminably at full volume. Practically took our minds off sleeping.

Gerry and Mary: after-dinner at the Fowey Hotel

We were all replete after a stunning dinner at the Fowey Hotel, where Chef Mark worked his magic equally on presentation and taste. Recommended.

Our Amaryllis has grown!

Back home, and how our Amaryllis has grown from its humble earlier beginnings this month. Scarlet flowers.

Clare and Nigel on the balcony

So here we are on the balcony of our holiday apartment at Fowey, as snapped by Gerry.