Friday, March 25, 2011

Cecilia's Paintings

The owner of our holiday apartment in Fowey, Cornwall lives downstairs. She is an artistic lady and during our protracted attempts to get connected to her WEP WiFi - she is not technical, to put it mildly - she soon became my new BFF. Anyway, Cecilia's paintings adorned our apartment and like many amateur artists, the flaws are even more interesting than what she gets right.

I termed this "The City on a Hill". The sea-level is erratic at best; the moon is in the wrong place for the illumination. I think she does OK with capturing the moonlight but the treatment of shadows is hopeless.

Considered separately, both the background and the flowered foreground are not bad. Together it's hopelessly unbalanced. Revenge of the killer daisies, anyone?

This is the best picture, only marred by the idiotic boat in the middle.

You should really use different shades of blue for the sea and sky.

OK, it's cluttered: three boats - count them. But what on earth are the oranges doing there? The white grapes?