Monday, July 18, 2016

The sand sculptures

Today we were at the Sand Sculpture Festival at Weston Super Mare (25th March - 9th October 2016). Clicking on any of the pictures will usually make them larger.

Clare points to 'Egyptian Archaeology'



David Bowie

Rabbit in a Hat (Clare's favourite)

Click on image to make larger

To Bee - my favourite

Click on image to make larger

A view of the Weston sea-front


It wasn't all art appreciation: we also took the opportunity to court sunburn.

I rapidly dress down to summer building worker; Clare is more the Maghreb

Nope: too hot already

Brean Down from the beach: the mist is boiling off the sea

It was 28 degrees as we drove home late this afternoon. Like our holiday in Portugal but without the brisk, chill wind.

As to the sea temperature, who can tell? It's Weston - the sea is a distant legend told to puzzled, disbelieving children.

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