Tuesday, July 19, 2016

She bought her vote

I have just registered Clare as a Labour Supporter - cost £25 - so she can vote in the Labour Party leadership election in September.

Last time round, we both paid our £3 although we voted in different ways. Clare will be consistent and vote again for Jeremy Corbyn: for Matthew Parris, it's always about the gays; for Clare it's always about the nukes.

The anti-Trident activist demonstrating a re-entering ballistic missile

I contemplated the anti-Corbyn candidates. One is someone who I could imagine running an SME with reasonable competence; the other is a snake-oil-selling weasel.

I've saved myself £25.

Why is there no talent in the Labour Party leadership? Because it has no vision, no mission and smart, capable, ambitious people do not join pointless organisations.

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