Saturday, July 16, 2016

A public blog? Or private - like a diary?

OK, so I had a wobble yesterday. Decided to make this blog private. Everyone who wasn't me saw a 'permission denied' note when they took a peek.

Rather quickly I got some private feedback :-(.

I had some reasons.

But then I reconsidered.


Like most blogs, although most posts are hardly best-sellers, a few get a very large number of hits and seem to perform some kind of service. The 'popular posts' bar on the right gives a clue. Seems perverse to effectively delete these from the world.

Also, I just pay more attention to writing when I anticipate a public audience. If it's just for me, then you get things like "Onward to BT Infinity" - just a mundane catalogue of events. Not something I would die in a ditch for, in defence of literary integrity.


So back again: risking self-doubt, riding self-accusations of narcissism and exhibitionism and striving for correct punctuation.


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