Saturday, December 26, 2015

The exceptional Christmas Cake and the iPad novice

My post 'Zena Skinner's Christmas Cake recipe' has now had 235 views. We are consuming Clare's version - absolutely delicious - and I have been instructed to tell you that the fruit spread thickly and evenly throughout the cake, as it was meant to, with no sinkage.


Back in October 2012 my mother had just taken possession of a new iPad but was struggling to get it to work. Naturally, we were all keen to help her, particularly with the video camera. So that's Elaine, myself, Alex and Adrian; one of us is rather shy. And I am the first to admit I am no Lars von Trier.

My mother died on December 3rd 2015, aged 92, after a long illness. She is fondly remembered.

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