Sunday, December 13, 2015

In which the vole toys with us (Vole #3)

Much excitement last night as we prepared to retire. The vole retreat appeared to have done its work:

As Clare placed the box in the bushes outside we reviewed the situation. This vole was one of the smartest and most alert we've ever had. Thank God we were now clear of it!

The BadgerCam was left in place in the kitchen overnight - just to be sure. A few moments ago I checked and this is what I found (just after 5 am).

The sleepy (and thoroughly useless) cat appears an hour later, languidly grooming itself. What are we to do? The trap-retreat is drying downstairs and will be re-baited shortly.

It's playing with us!

We trapped this animal at 10.30 pm last night. How come at 5 am it (or a friend) is still skating around our kitchen, ignoring our sleeping cat? What is it with this animal?

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