Thursday, October 17, 2013

Solar is go! (Just kidding)

I already mentioned our thoughts about 'going solar'. The recent rise in fuel prices has refocused our minds on IKEA, and its planned solar panel roll-out in the South-West. Can't wait to see the electricity meter running backwards!

Four solar-power units charging up
We do, however, have a pilot project! The four solar-powered lights shown above will illuminate our back-door path - impenetrably dark at night. The solar cells (top) charge a triple-A battery in the compartment. At dusk a photocell triggers and the battery powers a small LED which shines onto a mirror-cone, reflecting the light horizontally through the transparent plastic.

At least that's what the instructions say: three days of sun-charging stand between now and first-light; the big switch-on will be Saturday night.

After the debacle of our non-fluorescent fluorescent paint, all our hopes hang on this!
Ploughed-field vs. green grass - colours sadly washed-out here

This afternoon on the Mendip hills: tee-shirt weather, no wind and the views very autumnal.