Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Beside the mud ...

The text for today: 'Danger - Sinking Mud'. We saw two joggers running on the wrong side of this notice, midway between the strand line and the receding water. We looked again and they were gone .. one can only speculate.

"I do like to be beside the seaside!"

Clare persists on calling it 'Weston on the River' though I insist on the wisdom of the ancients: 'super mare' = 'above the sea', right? Since normally you can't see the water the discussion is moot.

Weston today was balmy, bathed in intermittent warm drizzle, and uncrowded. There was evidence of sun on the far side of the Quantocks, maybe 30 miles away but locally it was overcast. A walk along the front and then a promenade around the pier was quite enough. I can report that the Full Quart does excellent faggots.