Saturday, October 05, 2013

National Trust: Tintinhull, Montecute, Lytes Cary Manor

But first, a René Magritte pastiche.

"The Son of Man" - Magritte

Our homage to Magritte

We ran our National Trust cards well into the red zone today, visiting three sites in succession: Tintinhull Garden, Montecute House and Lytes Cary Manor. The National Portrait Gallery has an Elizabethan collection in the Long Gallery at Montecute which was particularly impressive.

Tintinhull Garden (National Trust)

Autumn flowers at Tintinhull Garden

Swinging in Montecute Gardens (National Trust)

The garden at Lytes Cary Manor (National Trust)

In another mysterious case of quantum teleportation this morning my debit card mysteriously disappeared from my wallet (this after the strange vanishing of my car keys last Tuesday). I really feel that I am at the centre of some very advanced physics in which quantum entanglement generates non-trivial, macroscopic wormholes. I just wish I knew where the other end was.