Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Llwyn-y-Celyn (youth hostel)

There are three of us staying here tonight. Talking of youth, the other guy won't see 50 again and the third guy hasn't put an appearance in yet.

We're all in a modest room big enough to house four bunk beds, two at each side. The YHA has provided a sheet, pillow case and duvet cover so it's make your own bed time.

The showers and toilets are in a room down the corridor which at first sight looks spacious and modern. The separate rooms have those cute lights which turn on automatically when you go in. The showers, however, have a mind of their own. The first started scalding, then turned cold and stayed that way. I mean mountain cold.

I abandoned it for the second which took five minutes to warm to tepid. I persevered.

There's no WiFi here: indeed, no member Internet access at all (the staff have a slow dial-up connection). The guy on the desk told me the YHA had experimented with a 7 Mbps satcom link a few weeks ago, but it went back (?). The mobile signal is erratic and normally absent.

My spirits were, however, raised by the prospects of a stupendous cooked breakfast at 8 am tomorrow.