Monday, September 03, 2012

Croatia: Dubrovnik

There is a special YouTube limbo for those moments when the video camera is trapped in your pocket. Such was the scene as we assembled this morning outside the northern gate of the walled city of Dubrovnik, surrounding our Croatian tour guide, the redoubtable Antonia.

To her left, nearer the wall, she spotted another group being addressed by their leader, a bearded, balding and rather portly man of about 40 years - but not wearing the official accreditation of the Guild of Dubrovnik Tour Guides.

My, what a fish-wife's tongue-lashing she gave him at the top of her microphone-amplified voice, culminating in a threat that he desist from "guiding" immediately or she would set the police on him: how their group scarpered!

I have to tell you, Dear Reader, that looks were exchanged between members of our party. It had all started so well too, as she had captivated our coach of 48 souls with her appreciative cultural references to "Only Fools and Horses" and "Mr Bean". How she loves those shows!

We split from the group five minutes later, having over-feasted on facts, and explored the Old Town by ourselves. Pictures below show paintings from the Orthodox Church, the Jesuit Church, a view of the harbour and sundry shots of Clare and myself on Lokrum Island, a ten minute ferry ride from the city.

Coming back I took a picture of Dubrovnik from the sea. The sunset is from our hotel, out on the peninsula.