Saturday, September 29, 2012


Or on mud today, as the tide was out: see picture of my good self below.

In other news, first use of the new steps as Clare refills the bird feeders.


The wave of gentrification flowing out of Bristol which has overwhelmed Clevedon and largely transformed Weston-super-Mare has yet to reach Burnham-on-Sea. The high street, one block in from the sea front, is full of greasy-spoon type cafes, all-day-breakfast pubs and cheap kiss-me-quick shops. The most up-market establishments are the three smart Indian restaurants .. how on earth did they end up there?

On the street you can play a cruel game of spot the fat people. As we sat in a cafe which seemed a cut above the rest I watched astonishingly obese men and women walk (waddle?) by - they were mostly middle-aged.

Meanwhile, the property on the sea front is a mix, but too much of it is dirty, unloved and with way too much litter in the front yard. However, it's safe: there's no sense that anyone is going to mug you, or get into a fight. Burnham-on-Sea is where the respectable working class goes to the seaside.