Friday, June 24, 2011

Tourism in Clifton, Bristol

Today we pretended to be tourists in my native city, Bristol and decided to visit Clifton.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge
We started in Clifton Village, home to boutique shops, fancy restaurants and pubs, and walked the few hundred yards to Royal York Crescent, a Georgian terrace of 46 houses reminiscent of the Royal Crescent in Bath. It's one of the most expensive streets in Bristol.

Royal York Crescent in Clifton
Clare taking a rest in the Crescent
We then strolled up to the Suspension Bridge and examined the anti-suicide wiring at the edge of the pedestrian walkway. The bridge noticeably rocks as cars go by and I, at least, was feeling twinges of vertigo as we exited towards the Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Clare in Clifton RC Cathedral
On the way we passed the traditionally-spired evangelical Christ Church (1841) which was locked - the Cathedral was, as you can see, open.

A Bullfinch in our front garden
As the Portway was blocked by an earlier incident, we drove back across the Suspension Bridge and this new route seemed just as quick.

And here's a bonus picture of the author.