Thursday, June 02, 2011

HTC Desire Z mobile phone

My new phone arrived this morning, and the Sony-Ericsson K750i has been hand-me-downed to Adrian. I am in the familiar positionn of vaguely knowing how it works but of not being able to do anything of importance. For example:

* Making my home page Google rather than the annoying htc default they've configured in their under-powered browser.

* Importing my browser favourites.

* Installing Skype and Dropbox.

Still, the GPS impressed me, placing me exactly where I know I am in Wells!

Tomorrow is a day with the manual.
Clare update: she's continuing to improve but the phone call from the Taunton hospital pathology lab today merely announced that they had not completed tests and that we are to wait perhaps another week. The preliminary results are consistent with previous indications, however. The prospects of follow-up radiotherapy seem stronger, though.