Thursday, December 02, 2010

Why I am not a plumber

A covering of snow last night and a chance to check our loft insulation (below). Compared to some of the other houses, our roof appears happily snow-clad.

Our roof from the south

Our roof from the north

The driveway

I don't have to drive out today. If I did I'd be leaving a trail of ice on the rather steep driveway. We do have some rock salt though.

Drips in the kitchen

Yesterday lunchtime Clare notice rivulets of water running down the kitchen wall by the back door (above). After poking around a bit I came up with an ingenious theory concerning boiler overflows (the boiler is directly above in the back bedroom) and frozen, bursting outlets (below).

Of course we called the builder.

The culprit?

Pete Hutchinson (PAC Construction) came late in the afternoon and investigated. Turns out the problem is with a stuck air-pressure relief valve in the boiler cupboard: nothing whatsoever to do with the cold weather.