Sunday, December 12, 2010

A vision of woodliness

Not just a designer of telecoms networks; not just an amateur student of theoretical physics: no, he also sculpts in wood. How manly is that? I agree these rather mundane shelves don't totally close the deal.

Shelves (obviously!)

However, the rural craft piece shown below, a chic table, surely shows an under-appreciated native genius (at least in not wasting off-cuts)?

A certain rustic charm

Let's not discuss the exposed screws; the raw woodchip ends where the contiboard was inexpertedly sawed; the inexplicable failure to glue the top to the sides before screwing; the over-enthusiastic use of the screwdriver attachment to the drill, resulting in surface fracturing in one corner (now messily glued).

On the strength of this Clare has suggested I might like to branch out into some kind of "totem pole" tree-trunk sculpture for the back garden. I have currently (in my mind) budgeted around £1,000 worth of workshop cum tools to get me started.

He's at it again!

It's cold here again today and the cat has reverted to his time-worn ways.