Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bath Christmas Market

To Bath today to visit its celebrated Christmas Market. Our first port of call was the Park and Ride which we reached late morning. Despite its thousand places, it was completely full, with cars bumped up on the kerbs all around the outer perimeter. We chose a spare piece of kerb ourselves.

Transiting via M&S (purchases £90) we finally happened upon the market (pictured below) nestling beneath the flying buttresses of Bath Abbey: a shanty town of timbered shacks, the favela of Bath.

Clare confided over dinner: "The Bath Market was awfully girly, didn't you think? All those trinkets and jewelry, ceramics and posters, arts and crafts? Not a gun in sight."

Yep: no rifles, pistols or semi-automatics; no netbooks or tablets; no smartphones or SatNav. She was spot-on.

"Cosmology" by Steven Weinberg finally arrived, confirming I have seriously bitten off more than I can chew: we hit the Einstein field equations on page 4 (of 563). If only that had been on sale at Bath Christmas Market!