Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weston-super-Mare on such a winter's day

The radio announcer teasingly mentioned the forthcoming happy event. "What royal marriage you ask? You'll have to tune in at one o'clock!" Of course it could only be Kate and Wills, immaculately scheduled for maximum cheer in our debt- and gloom-mired times.

Weston-super-Mare is delightful in the late autumnal sunshine. Clare, pictured below dosed with an anti-migraine pill, soaked up the rays from our very own celestial fusion reactor in what was otherwise a rather chilly day.

Clare on the front

One reason for visiting Weston was to check out the new pier: though if you subtracted fish 'n' chip bars, donut outlets and arcade machines, to be honest there wouldn't be a lot left - apart that is from the Edwardian Tea Room at the very end of the pier.

Nigel at the pier entrance

The beach at Weston-super-Mare

The Edwardian Tea Room at the end of the pier

The town itself was a bit crowded. Weston is gradually hauling itself up the path of gentrification but its restaurants have a way to go. We checked but rejected quite a few, including the M&S cafe: usually acceptable for a snack but not here though. So it was back to the motor and onwards to Axbridge which we had not visited before.

The Mediaeval Square at Axbridge

We had lunch (Clare: Ploughman's with Pate; Nigel: Chicken Salad) at The Lamb in the square: quality and quantity excellent. Then back home.

The Museum at Axbridge

While we were out the delivery people came with my humidifier, they will try again tomorrow. I sat down with the latest (Dec 2010) issue of Scientific American and found yet another piece on how geometry is the answer in fundamental physics ("A Geometric Theory of Everything" by A. Garrett Lisi and J. O. Weatherall). All roads lead, it seems, to differential geometry.