Friday, November 19, 2010

Soufflé success!

According to The Telegraph today, "users are turning their backs on shoddy user-generated content - home-made YouTube clips and facile personal blogs." So here is our contribution to today's collection of facile personal blogs.

Clare's long search for blackcurrent bushes ended yesterday at the Almondsbury Garden Centre where she bought two. They went in this morning.

The Blackcurrent bush goes in

In other news, the Kenwood electric whisk we bought at Weston the other day was given its first outing this morning ...

The Chef hard at work with egg whites

The Electric Whisk in action

... with Clare choosing to make that hardest of savoury puddings, the soufflé.

The soufflé and the chef

As you can see it was a triumph, not collapsing at all.

Finally a pastoral shot.

The Robin who owns our garden

Tomorrow you may expect further breaking news on Relative Humidity and our domestic attempts to increase it.