Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Starling Hunters

Four thirty this afternoon found us back at Ham Wall to see the starlings. As dusk began to fall the intrepid hunters gathered in wait.

Clare and Adrian: the intrepid Starling Hunters

The RSPB Warden eventually told our waiting group that 'the starlings have landed!' to our general dismay. As it was gloomy and drizzly they had apparently roosted early, and in the reed beds.

Can you spot 300k starlings in the reed beds?

They were certainly a noisy bunch and occasionally a group would launch and flock low over the trees. But no vast, black amoeba of the skies.

The long wait ...

We lingered as the gloom intensified and then left. Apparently in January and February the numbers increase to five or six million (!).

We'll be back.