Sunday, July 25, 2010

A walk around Priddy

What was meant to be a short walk to the north-east of Priddy this afternoon. We were soon walking along a track to the west of North Hill. We struck off towards the hilltop from where we got a good view of these Neolithic burial mounds. As you can see it was a bit windy.

Neolithic Burial Mounds

The OS map had a pathway going south back towards our car. Unfortunately the area is completely enclosed by farmers' fields with barbed wire fences. As we moved to the next field we saw a herd of cows in the distance and this sign.

Warning: bull in the field

We were chary enough to back off and take the long way round, eventually getting back to Priddy and the New Inn where we had a drink and moved across to the village green to watch the cricket.

Priddy Village Green Sunday Cricket

At the other end is a young girl in a white minidress and no pads. After she was hit on the leg by the second ball of the over, the bowler threw down wide after wide. However, when a ball did get near enough to hit she managed an impressive six.

Clare taking it easy

I'd like to say this was the level of Clare's attention to the match but this picture was taken a few days earlier when we were in Bristol, on my mother's lawn.

Well Cathedral as it might originally have looked

Pre-Reformation it was apparently a riot of colour.