Friday, July 30, 2010

Ebbor Gorge

As we walked the bottom of the Ebbor Gorge this afternoon (pictured below) we speculated on how or whether we could survive the night in the open here like our mesolithic ancestors had to. How would we create shelter? How would we eat? The river has dried up - how would we drink?

With no machete, no flint axe, no bow and arrows and no wildlife in any direction (apart from a few birds and a proliferation of large flies) we concluded that our primitive ancestors probably couldn't survive here either were they to be transplanted to the here and now. Unless of course they followed our own course of action and walked back down to the Wookey Hole car park where we each bought an ice-cream.

Then we drove to Tescos.

The Ebbor Gorge

Clare looks for shelter and supper

Home for the night?