Monday, July 19, 2010

The Tor - and Blaise Castle

Yesterday started cold and damp so we abandoned our plans for Cheddar and walked up Glastonbury Tor instead.

Glastonbury Tor

It's 580 feet above the Somerset Levels and quite steep. I noticed coming down that all the guys were racing up, wheezing slightly as if on SAS selection (me too!) followed at a slow-motion distance by their long-suffering partners. Those women climbing in groups by contrast were ambling up and chatting away with no sign of physical stress at all.

Clare finally reaches the summit

A Living-Room Chat

Today we visited my mother in Bristol and while she was at the hairdressers Alex, Clare and myself ambled in our desultory way to Blaise Hamlet (which we used to pretend were Hobbit Houses) and then on to Blaise Castle.

Alex at Blaise Hamlet

Alex and Nigel at Blaise Hamlet

Clare and Nigel at Blaise Hamlet

We encircle Blaise Castle

We subsequently persuaded my mother to come back with us and she's currently comfortably settled and waiting for the second Coronation Street of the evening to kick in (as I write).

Clare bemused

It used to be called "Grope Lane"

Who says we don't live in a deeply picturesque part of old mediaeval England.

Note to Adrian in New Zealand, who is sharing a 3G Internet USB dongle with four friends in their rented accommodation at a ruinous cost per Megabyte downloaded. As a consequence he only gets passed the means to Internet access every other day or so and when he does he has to turn off images on his browser. Sorry, Adrian, I guess you have to miss all these pictures (most of them are around 80 kB). Still, there's always the snowboarding.