Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ebbor Gorge

Such a nice day today. We decided to walk to the Ebbor Gorge, a site of Special Scientific Interest quite close to us. To get there we walked up to the local ridge 250 metres above our house. From the top there were some wonderful views ... we could actually see the sea at Burnham.

Clare out on the hills

The author

A view from the top

Above is a panoramic view which Clare insisted on populating twice. Click on the image for the best view. We discussed the possibilities of a moment of wild-passion in the wild-flower meadow close to the top of the Gorge. Clare was of course basically up for it except she reckoned she was a trifle over-dressed. Also, on these occasions no-one ever mentions the flies do they? I'm sure they'd be attracted.

As you can see the weather was great and the whole trip, back via Wookey Hole took around three hours.