Friday, June 11, 2010

The Black Stuff

The boys from the black stuff tarmacing our drive (Thursday, below). Afterwards it had that slightly sticky feeling when we walked on it.

Today the guys are continuing to work on the walls.

I see that Ciena are acquiring Nortel's Metro-Ethernet business. I hadn't realised that Ciena has around 2,000 people and so does the Nortel ME business: quite a sizeable bite to digest.

This morning I joined Wells library hoping they would have a good stock of books by Milan Kundera ("The Unbearable Lightness of Being" etc): however there was nothing - (the parochialism of rural life - don't get me started!).

I also asked if they would accept donated books (thinking of my extensive collection of slightly out-of-date volumes on TCP/IP, DNS, NAT, IPsec, etc etc; also endless physics popularisations: Woit, Smolin, Wilczek, Susskind, Greene).

The severe-looking but quite amiable woman looked unenthusiastic: "No more than ten please and we wouldn't accept them if we didn't think they'd be flying off the shelves."

OK, I paraphrase a bit.