Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The countryside south of Wells

Take a break! Haven't done that for a few months. This morning I continued with Sean Carroll's "From Eternity to Here" and I reached the chapter where he's talking about Nietzsche and eternal recurrence, the subject of yesterday's post. I feel the topic is recurring all over again.

This afternoon Clare and myself left Adrian painting and the workmen building our wall and headed off into the country to explore woods to the south of Dulcote.

Clare fronting Wells Cathedral in the distance

Naturally we followed a path into the wood, ignoring the 'Keep Out' signs and the disconcerting way the path eventually petered out. We were finally reduced to scrambling up a desperately wet, slippy and most of all steep hillside to finally tunnel under the barbed-wire fence at the top and thus escape what had become a wood from childhood fairy tales.

Clare wanted me in front of the TV mast

It was then a long way back to our home and Clare ended up with a big blister. It's been covered with Germolene and a sterile pad, held in place by her woolly house-socks, which she has threatened to wear to bed.

Cheer up - it's a nice day!

The two of us by some miracle of photography - note the intense concentration ...

Tomorrow we're thinking of spending the day at the seaside as it promises to be warm.